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Inside Thing in the future

A multi-scale graph for WoT information mediation

Nodes of the graph store digital representations (a.k.a.avatars/twins/shadows) of connected and non-connected :

  • things, objects, devices, spatial entities, physical systems and their subsystems at all scales
  • high-level « property graph » meta-model
  • nodes have properties, relationships may have properties

Semantic referencing of graph, ab initio OR post hoc

  • All nodes, relationships and properties are :
    • uniquely identified by URIs
      • part of larger linked data cloud
    • typed with reference to :
      • Standardized cross-domain information model
      • External domain-specific ontologies

High-level and effective navigation & query language

  • Geospatial query
  • Graph matching (e.g. finding patterns in the graph, a subgraph in the graph)

Access modalities

  • Interfaces to networked functionalities of physical devices from Thing in
  • With pricing and contracts if they apply

Built-in security & privacy

  • Data from physical objects is sensitive….
  • Thing in does not store raw data streams generated by all sensors and data sources it will reference
  • Thing in partners manage their own access rules