Thing in the future

Thing in the future is a multi-sided open digital twin platform to fuel innovations and develop new services !

Thing in the future is a multi-sided open digital twin platform that describes the physical world through the connected sensors and objects around, along with their interactions. It addresses companies and public administrations who wish to develop innovative and transversal services around smart cities, smart buildings, industrial environments or smart agriculture, as well as object owners and technology developers to develop enablers or analytics applications.

The two major objectives of Thing in the future are

- The sharing of information, very often heterogeneous, across a variety of partners, customers and suppliers working together in the same ecosystem, such as a city, an urban or rural space, a factory
- The contextualization of connected sensors data with information from their environment

A graph-centric Web of Things platform comprising

  • A massive graph database for physical objects with :
    — their properties (e.g. functionalities, location, variant…),
    — their relationships (e.g. part-of, adjacent-to, sensor-for, actuated-by).
  • An extensible set of tools and APIs for search, navigation, reasoning, analytics.

An in vivo experimentation platform

  • Providing actual access to things and devices for monitoring and control of their shared environment.
  • Connecting (southbound) device manufacturers and network operators with (northbound) IoT applications developers.
  • Open to 3d parties tools developpers.

...where users define their security rules and other access modalities

  • Fine-grained visibility and access control of/to things’ avatars.
  • Access modalities (security, configuration, price…) to actual physical things from their avatars.

…and choose their business models

  • Thing in baseline model is open, two-sided info-mediation platform and marketplace connecting IoT data providers and users.
  • Subsets of the graph may be managed with limited access.
  • The overall added value is in sharing and interconnexion of IoT information at large.